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About the size of a shirt button, yet powerful enough to transform the way you experience music, HFT’s improve nearly all aspects of system and room performance. With HFT’s your speakers and room disappear leaving you with nothing but a live holographic musical event in your listening room, or living room. HFTs oscillate at high frequencies creating an energy field in your room that overpowers room vibrational distortions to correct phase and frequency interactions for harmonic balance in your treated room. You hear an increase in depth and width, with clearer more extended highs, and tighter bass. Everything sounds more live , clearer, and more natural than could ever imagine.

Expand your soundstage with the natural spacial and organic characteristics of live music by adding HFT 2.0 to your HFT set up. Simply replace some of your HFTs with HFT 2.0 and take your music to the next level. See set up guide.

The Powerful HFT-X evolved from the desire to augment the already stunning sonic qualities of the original HFTs. You can raise the level of your systems performance in terms of detail and fine resolution and take the music out of your speakers by adding HFT-X to your rig. See set up guide.

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