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MiG 2.0 – a new state-of-the-art component isolation footer, featuring Synergistic Research’s High Frequency Transducer Technology. MiG 2.0 Re-Tunes a component’s mechanical resonance while eliminating high frequency noise which is negatively effecting the performance of your components.  MiG 2.0’s are easy to install and highly effective.

The MiG (Mechanical Interface Grounding) component footers deliver vast improvements to all systems. Based on the Acoustic ART System resonators, MiG's (Mechanical Interface Grounding) re-tune a component's mechanical resonance to an even order harmonic, while providing a lightning fast drain of mechanical energy to ground. The result is a much larger soundstage with a lower noise floor for blacker backgrounds. Other benefits include sweeter highs with extended air, a more layered and relaxed mid-range, and deeper, tighter bass. MiG's are especially beneficial when improving the performance of digital components such as transports, D to A converters, CD players, and even digital clocks. MiG's are a must audition for anyone seeking organic natural sound.

MiG’s are versatile and can be placed in different ways to fine tune your systems performance - Pin-Point configuration (two bowls facing up and one down) and Ambient configuration (two bowls facing down and one up).

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