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The Tranquility Base is an active isolation platform which cleans and conditions the audio signal within the unit placed atop of the base. The Tranquility Base counteracts EMI and noise caused by electrical parts inside the device as well as RFI and reduces distortion in the audio signal. The result is - the audio signal that leaves the devices which is placed on the Tranquility Base is much more pure, clean and undistorted. This works also for clean power. Put a Tranquility Base underneath your power condition and improve the performance of your power conditioner.

The Tranquility Base...

  • Actively improves the performance of any component placed atop
  • Allows common furniture to perform like the best audiophile grade furniture
  • Improves state-of-the-art isolation racks significantly
  • Is a game changer for modest components transforming them to near state-of-the-art
  • Transforms state-of-the-art components dramatically. This has to be heard to be believed
  • Easily auditioned and demonstrated with repeatable results
  • Improves audio and video applications
  • Is very cost effective

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