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Silencing mains noise

The Silencer is the first in our range of power conditioners and is a compact device that can be used in two ways. Its primary use is to 'silence' mains noise at source – common culprits are computers and computer peripherals (printers, scanners, monitors etc.); fridges; freezers; battery chargers for cordless phones and so on. Silencer is designed to simply plug in close to these sources of noise: plug one into the double wall socket that your fridge is plugged into, for example, and reduce the mains noise from it at source. Many customers use more than one around their homes, using the Noise Sniffer to locate and identify sources of noise.

The Silencer can also be used as an effective and inexpensive power conditioner – simply plug it in as close to your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema and create a 'quiet area' around it. Plugging it into a spare socket in your mains extension is ideal. Our X-Block power extensions automatically have the Silencer built in, which means you aren't using up a socket. Silencers are effective even if you are using our bigger Purifier power conditioners.

Reducing voltage spikes

In addition to being an effective mains conditioner, the Silencer incorporates our SuperClamp spike and surge protection to help reduce the effect of voltage spikes. They 'grab' the spike and reduce its intensity. In our opinion, high voltage spikes can raise the background noise level in amplification circuits which is why it makes good sense to try and reduce them.
To maintain their effectiveness, we recommend replacing SuperClamp components every five years. Any product with a SuperClamp can be returned to us for factory replacement of the parts at lower cost than buying a new product.

The technology

The Silencer has been designed to efficiently remove degrading mains noise. It works passively, meaning that they have none of the drawbacks of some other mains filters – drawbacks such as loss of musicality and reduced dynamic range. It is a broadband filter, effective at filtering over a wide frequency range. For the techies amongst you, it is a 'passive differential and common mode inductorless non-resonant harmonic filter'.

Because The Silencer is a passive filter, nothing needs to be connected to it for it to work. It simply needs to be plugged in with the socket switched on.

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