Gauder Akustik Berlina RC9

Gauder Akustik Berlina RC9

Gauder Akustik

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  • Mid-High-Unit of the Berlina RC 11 united with three woofer system 
  • 4-way-system
  • New Accuton midrange diamond 
  • Diamond tweeter
  • Ceramic woofers and midrange 
  • 3-fold room-equalization system
  • Triple bassreflex system, high-pass filtered
  • Symmetrical, ultrasteep 50dB/octave frequency crossover
  • Bi-Wiring, Bi-Amping terminal
  • Black stone front baffle
  • Heavy flagstone
  • Equipped with Accuton ceramics and diamond drive-units 
  • WBT binding posts of highest quality

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