Gauder Akustik DARC 80

Gauder Akustik DARC 80

Gauder Akustik

  • $49,60000

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Setting new standards in music reproduction the loudspeakers of our DARC-series are equipped with the fines HiFi components available! The famous Accuton driveunits with the light ceramic though stiff ceramic and diamond diaphragms driven by ultrasteep crossover filters (> 70 dB/Octave) and the WBT binding-posts bring all transients of music in an incredible natural way. And with our room equalization system you can adjust your DARC to your room in 3 steps in bass and highs. Everything for music, art for art’s sake!

Highly sophisticated 2½-waysystem with the famous Accuton ceramic drivers. Deep bass and high resolution – total understatement guaranteed. Fresh and spacious sound of unbelievable purity.

· Cabinets are made of massive aluminumribs with fibre damping ribs
· Drive units by Accuton and Gauder Akustik · WBT terminals and binding posts
· Extremely steep frequency cross over filters of more than 60 dB/octave with Mundorf components
· Integrated spikes
· Room equalization system for bass and highs
· Acoustically benefitial, drop-shaped cabinet
· Ceramic or diamond tweeter

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