Merging Technologies NADAC+Player

Merging Technologies NADAC+Player

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MERGING+PLAYER restores the concept of the audiophile music server and makes your life simple again. The combination of the best music player available and the best sounding DAC allows you to access your music library from a tablet and connect directly to your amplifier or listen on headphones with the purest sound ever. It doesn’t get any simpler!

MERGING+NADAC, as a concept, challenged the convention of USB connection. RAVENNA is a far more efficient and qualitative connection standard and brings the flexibility of the network to your home audiophile installation. In the same vein and as a logical next step, MERGING+PLAYER challenges the convention of having a computer in your living room! The computer contributes nothing to the listening or the ergonomic experience of enjoying your music library, but hitherto, it has been the only way to run your favourite player software linking your high-resolution music files to your favourite DAC.

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