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"Pure Mat Ⅲ" was born as a projection screen suitable for the high-definition 4K · 8K. "Pure Mat Ⅲ" matches 4K projectors and receives a high evaluation and has gotten popularity of very many home theater fans.

"Pure Mat Ⅲ" is evolved into "Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema".It enables to provide electric winding screen.
In order to "increase the focus sense of detail and reality of 4K video", "Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema" is strengthened for winding, not changing the basic structure of "Pure Mat Ⅲ" that has fine special double fabric woven with extra-fine thread.

"Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema" can diffuse picture uniformly and evenly, and provide the deep focus. Then "Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema" follows the concept of pure mat series, "Not add or reduce anything to/from picture" as it reflects the specific of the projector. It keeps Gain 1.00, ideal value of the diffusion type white mat gain.
"Pure Mat Ⅲ Cinema" is the culmination of home theater screen for gift to movie fans.

  • Fabric surface
    Pure Mat III adopted double-knitted method.
    Fibers are knitted in a random manner to give a smooth dispersion of light and this successfully minimizes the interfering stripes visible under some fixed-output projectors.
  • Natural color image
    The super-fine randomly knitted woven fabric suppress moiré patterns and contributes to smoother diffusion.
    This highly diffusive screen can reproduce the natural color tones of an image.
  • PVC-Free
    Pure Mat III is made of fiber and free from polyvinyl chloride, it is an environmental friendly product.
  • Highly Diffusive White Mat
    Pure Mat III is a highly diffusive fabric, specially designed to effectively reflect the light in a dispersed and wide angle with spot-free equal brightness.

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