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Clamping spikes and surges
SuperClamps are plug-in devices designed to improve the sound of your Hi-Fi or Home Cinema by reducing the effects of mains voltage spikes. They're designed by us and offer a very simple way to upgrade your system.

SuperClamps consist of two components – one a fast, solid state device culled from aerospace applications and the other a varistor to absorb the spike energy. These two components are mounted into a mains plug which you simply plug into a power socket (one close to your Hi-Fi system is ideal). Nothing needs to be connected to the plug – they will work as long as the socket they are plugged into is switched on.

How many?
You can fit as many SuperClamps as you like. One customer kept adding them until he stopped hearing improvements - and he had over 15. The SuperClamps work particularly well plugged into unused sockets throughout the house and there's a saving to be had if ordering a triple pack.

The versions
SuperClamps are available mounted into a mains plug as on this page. They are also available mounted in a two-way 'cube' – the SuperCube – which is useful if you don't have a spare socket to connect a SuperClamp plug.

SuperClamps are also an optional upgrade on our PowerBar mains extensions and any power cable that is fitted with a WattGate plug. The components are fitted internally for optimum performance. To add a SuperClamp to any of these products, check the 'SuperClamp' box on the product page at the point of ordering and it will be included.

SuperClamps are also incorporated as standard in the Silencer and MiniPurifier power filters, and also into our XBlock mains extensions. If you have any of these products, you'll be benefitting from the SuperClamp.

Maintaining their effectiveness
SuperClamps wear out over time and become less effective: we recommend replacing SuperClamp components every five years.

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