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Built from (4) hand made 99.9999% Pure Silver and Graphene Air String geometries and UEF Graphene Shielding in parallel with (2) 4th Generation Tricon Silver Matrix geometries with UEF Graphene Shielding for a total of 12 cables in a single pair of Galileo UEF XLR interconnects. Each individual geometry is sheathed to cancel vibration without resorting to excessive dampening which can compress sound. All (6) UEF Graphene Shields are tied to our Ground Plane Technology which passes static electricity and noise picked up by the shields direct to ground, and not your components for music that is true to the source without distortion. 

To maximize musicality we developed a complex Multi-Layer UEF Inductive Cell made from Pure Silver foil and Graphene with a Japanese Silk Dielectric selected in blind listening tests for the organic sound of silk imparts when used as a dielectric.  Lastly, we developed two very special UEF Tuning Modules expressly for Galileo UEF cables that change the vibrational characteristics of the cable at the signal or electron level. The Gold UEF Tuning Module imparts a warmer more layered balance to your music while the Silver UEF Tuning Module with its faster vibrational characteristics transmits the maximum information while still sounding musical. The choice between Gold, Silver or none is yours to make and when you do, you’ve voiced your cables to match your system and personal preference. 

Active EM Cells:
  • Count- 4 Active EM Cells per pair
  • Internal Conductor Material- 99.999 Pure Silver, 99.9999 Pure Copper
  • Dielectric- Teflon
  • Chassis Material- Carbon Fiber
Air Strings:
  • Silver Air Strings- 99.999% pure silver signal conductors with a separate ground conductor from shield
  • Dielectric- Air (sealed)
  • Shielding- 30-volt, 250 milliamp Active Shielding
  • Geometry- three channel single ended / five channel balanced geometry
Cable Count:
  • Each Pair of Galileo LE Interconnects are actually 3 separate pair of cables for RCA and 5 separate pair of cables for XLR
  • Synergistic Research Silver SR20 RCA or XLR
Power Supply:
  • 1 Hand built stereo Galileo MPC power supply for Active Shielding

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