Typhonics SP Acoustic Tiles


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SP-TILE is shaped like a speaker but it is an acoustic product that has the exact opposite sound absorbing effect. To make an appropriate environment to listen to the music, like a tile by placing this product to the various areas in need, it absorbs the noise around and allows the accurate sound coming directly from the audio come into your ears. At the same time SP-TILE absorbs and soundproofs rooms in need, it is also designed to play a roll as an interior art piece for display in both professional and home use.

To install this product, using the pattern on the box, decide the area you would like to install the product and use the provided double-faced tape to secure it to the wall. Depending on the number of speakers and placement the effect will differ, however by placing the product in the "listening point", which are the wall you will be facing toward and the wall behind you, it will be most effective. Attention: Depending on the type of wall or wall paper you have, the double-faced tape may cause damage to the wall.

Each charcoal gray tile is made from sound-absorbent polyurethane foam and measures 18" x 15.5" x 2.75" (45cm × 39cm × 6.8cm). They come packaged with double-sided tape to make it easy to stick 'em up wherever you want to banish sound shadows - home theater rooms, recording studios, your kid's drum practice area - you name it!